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Buffer Overflow Warning Message

Over the course of a long TINA session, the text window in the main tinaTool will fill up with output and warning messages. If the amount of text in the window increases beyond the available buffer size, xview will generate a warning message stating that the buffer is overflowing for each new line of text added. Processing in TINA will halt until you press the OK button in the warning dialog box. This can be disruptive if you are trying to run long macros, and just plain annoying if you make a mistake loading a large sequence, and then have to dismiss hundreds of these dialog boxes.

In order to prevent this message appearing, you must increase the size of the buffer as follows.

  • Check whether you home area contains a file called .Xdefaults: if it does not, then create this file.
  • Open the .Xdefaults file in a text editor and enter the line:
  • Open a terminal, and type
    xrdb -merge .Xdefaults

The text buffer size is now large enough to ensure that you will never overflow the buffer

PAB 18/12/2004

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