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Tina On Windows Platforms

Tina was written to run on GNU/Linux platforms, and also runs natively on Solaris and recent versions of the Mac operating system (10 onwards). However, various methods exist that allow you to run Tina under windows.

Running TINA KNOPPIX Using Qemu

This method will allow you to run the TINA KNOPPIX cd (or any other version of KNOPPIX for that matter) under windows using the qemu virtualisation package. You can then run TINA from within the KNOPPIX environment. Note that KNOPPIX will run more slowly than if you ran it directly from the cd. However, this method does have advantages in terms of its simplicity.

  1. Download the latest version of qemu for windows from (I tested this with
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to a convenient location.
  3. Download the KNOPPIX .iso file and place it in the same folder as the qemu.exe file (extracted in step 2). I tested this with tina-knoppix-2.0.0.iso, and .iso files for KNOPPIX 3.4 and KNOPPIX 3.9.
  4. Start a windows command prompt (i.e. MS-DOS window) and cd to the directory containing the qemu.exe file and the .iso. Then type
qemu.exe -L . -cdrom tina-knoppix-2.0.0.iso
(replace the name of the .iso file with the one you are using). KNOPPIX will then start up inside a window on the desktop: click inside the window to let it grab your mouse pointer, and use CTRL-ALT to hand the mouse pointer back to windows. Note that it can take several minutes to boot, so be patient. Also note that you can use all of the usual boot options for screen size and keyboard layout).

If you intend to use this method of running TINA frequently, you can set up a destop icon as described below. Note that you can also use these steps in place of step 4 if you want to avoid using the command prompt.

  1. Using windows explorer or my computer, go to the directory containing the qemu.exe file, right click on the icon for that file, and select "create shortcut".
  2. Drag the shortcut onto the desktop.
  3. Right click on the shortcut and click "properties"
  4. Under the shortcut tab you will find a field called "target". Add -L . -cdrom tina-knoppix-2.0.0.iso to the end of this line (replace the name of the .iso file with the one you are using).
  5. Click in the shortcut to launch KNOPPIX.

Here is a screenshot of TINA running the MSc course stereo practical, running on Knoppix under windows XP.

TINA under Windows Screenshot

Running TINA Using Cygwin

Cygwin ( is a linux-like environment for windows, which provides an API emulation layer and the tools required to build linux code under windows. The TINA libraries should build without problems under the cygwin environment; however, we have no in-house expertise in installing and using cygwin.

PAB 28/7/2006

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