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Running Tina On Mac Platforms

Note: these instructions are out-of-date. As of 2015, TINA no longer builds cleanly on Mac platforms. There are no current plans to remedy this, since we have no access to the relevant hardware. If anyone who does have access to a Mac wants to put in the effort to fix the errors, we would appreciate a list of updates.

Tina can be compiled and run on Mac platforms by following the same instructions used with linux systems (see the readme file distributed with Tina).

If you get an error message about values.h during compilation, open the file it mentioned in the message and replace the line

#include < values.h >


#include < limits.h >

I have eliminated these problems from the libraries as of 14/6/2005, but some of them could creep back in at a later date.

In order to allow you to build the toolkits after building the libraries, you will need to make sure that at least one of the widget set wrappers (Xview, Motif or GTK) is compiled when you compile tina-tools. Mac users should make sure that they have installed Lesstif (the open source motif implementation). This can be installed as part of 'fink' ( - something which should be familiar to Mac users.

You can install motif with

fink install openmotif3 openmotif3-bin openmotif3-shlibs

and (not critical) Tcl/Tk with

fink install tcltk tcltk-dev tcltk-shlibs

You will probably need to specify the directories where these libraries are located when you run configure in the tina-tools directory, using

./configure --with-motif-includes=/sw/include --with-motif-libraries=/sw/lib --with-tcl=/sw/lib --with-tk=/sw/lib/tk

Again, the Tcl and Tk parts are not critical: they allow you to build a text-based interface that will, at some point in the future, allow Tina to run in a client/server model.

Many thanks to Ben Loftin and Tony Lacey for providing these instructions.

PAB 16/6/2005

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