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Tina 6 Compilation Guide

This page lists Linux distributions (mostly Suse) on which TINA 6 has been compiled. Full compatibility is defined as

make install

in both tina-libs and tina-tools being sufficient to compile the libraries. If anything else is needed, it will be noted here for the time being as a work-around, and added to our list of bugs to fix. If you use a distro not listed here, please add your own notes: email me at if you find any bugs.

Suse 10.3

Fully compatible.

Suse 11.0

Fully compatible.

Suse 11.1

Fully compatible.

Solaris 10

Fully compatible.

Suse 11.3 64-bit

Fully compatible

Suse 11.4 64-bit

Fully compatible

Suse 12.1 64-bit

Fully compatible

Fedora 13 64-bit

Fully compatible. GTK2-devel requires installation through package manager. (Thanks to Christopher J. Hanks for this build report).

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Page last modified on March 05, 2012, at 06:41 PM