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The Great Tina Wish List

Use this page to suggest features that should be added to TINA. Any open-source programmers who would like to contribute to TINA are welcome to have a go at one of these!

  • File I/O routines for the mono tool: any non-compressed file formats (jpeg, gif, png, etc.).
  • Uncompressed AVI file output for the sequence tool: concatenate the frames from the sequence into an AVI file as uncompressed RGB images with no sound stream: this would be useful for presentations.
  • A colour Tv widget for xview/motif/gtk: this would be useful for the existing colour segmentation tool, and also for astronomical image processing. Tina has not included much support for colour image analysis up to this point because simple algebraic manipulations on colour images are poorly defined.
(Note: this has been added to Tina6 as part of the collaborative project with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology; see the Tina6 ChangeLog for details.)
  • A Gtk+ 3 widget interface.
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Page last modified on March 05, 2012, at 04:44 PM