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A Probabilistic Approach To The Hough Transform,

R.S. Stephens, British Machine Vision Conference BMVC90, University of Oxford, September 1990.

Another paper from BMVC90! It has been my observation over the years that all useful analysis techniques can ultimately be reconciled with probability theory. Here is a good example. Despite the initial impression one gets that the Hough transform looks so different to curve fitting that it must be based on a different principle, the paper explains how the formulation of the Hough transform and subsequent search for maxima can actually be interpreted as, you guessed it, likelihood. This gives valuable insight as how to formulate Hough transforms for problems where the parameter spaces searched are not well approximated by a grid of fixed cell size. This is a problem, which those attempting to use these methods for anything but the most trivial problem are sure to encounter.

NAT 9/3/2005

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