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Publications based on the TINA Software

This page contains a list of publications that:

  • originate from groups external to ISBE/the Centre for Imaging Sciences at the University of Manchester;
  • were not authored by TINA group members;
  • used the TINA software to perform part of the work described.

In other words, these publications show the extent to which the TINA software is being used by academics outside the University of Manchester.

Guterman, A., Hajouj, T. and Gepstein, S.
Senescence-associated mRNAs that may participate in signal transduction and protein trafficking.
Physiologia Plantarum 118 p. 439–446, 2003.

Striedinger, K.
Degeneration and Regeneration of the Retina after Trauma: Emphasis on Gap Junctions.
Doctoral Dissertation, International Graduate School of Neurosciences, Ruhr Universität Bochum, 2004.

Hewitt, W., John, N.W., Cooper, M.D., Kwok, K.Y., Leaver, G.W., Leng, J.M., Lever, P.G., McDerby, M.J., Perrin, J.S., Riding, M., and Sadarjoen, I.
35: Visualization with AVS.
The Visualization Handbook p.689, Eds. Charles D. Hansen and Chris R. Johnson, Elsevier, 2005.
ISBN: 978-0-12-387582-2

Homer, H.A., McDougall, A., Levasseur, M., Murdoch, A.P., and Herbert, M.
Mad2 is required for inhibiting securin and cyclin B degradation following spindle depolymerisation in meiosis I mouse oocytes.
Reproduction 130(6) p. 829-843, 2005.

Rajwade, A., Banerjee, A. and Rangarajan, A.
Probability Density Estimation Using Isocontours and Isosurfaces: Applications to Information-Theoretic Image Registration.
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 31(3) p 475-491, 2009.

Zilberberg, A., Lahav, L., and Rosin-Arbesfeld, R.
Colon cancer: Restoration of APC gene function in colorectal cancer cells by aminoglycoside- and macrolide-induced read-through of premature termination codons.
Gut 59(4) p. 496-507, 2009.

Chakraborty, P.K., Scharner, B., Jurasovic, J., Messner, B., Bernhard, D., Thévenod, F.
Chronic cadmium exposure induces transcriptional activation of the Wnt pathway and upregulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition markers in mouse kidney.
Toxicology Letters 198(1) p. 69-76, 2010.

Lee, W.-K., Chakraborty, P.K., Roussa, E., Wolff, N.A., and Thévenod, F.
ERK1/2-dependent bestrophin-3 expression prevents ER-stress-induced cell death in renal epithelial cells by reducing CHOP.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research 1823(10) p. 1864-1876, 2010.

Tovy, A., Hertz, R., Siman-Tov, R., Syan, S., Faust, D., Guillen, N., and Ankri, S.
Glucose Starvation Boosts Entamoeba histolytica Virulence.
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 5(8) e1247, 2011.

Wolff, N.A., Liu, W., Fenton, R.A., Lee, W.-K., Thévenod, F. and Smith, C.P.
Ferroportin 1 is expressed basolaterally in rat kidney proximal tubule cells and iron excess increases its membrane trafficking.
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 15 p. 209–219, 2011.

Young, R. and Maga, A.M.
Performance of single and multi-atlas based automated landmarking methods compared to expert annotations in volumetric microCT datasets of mouse mandibles.
Frontiers in Zoology 12:33, 2012.

Boell, L., Pallares, L.F., Brodski, C., Chen, Y., Christian, J.L., Kousa, Y.A., Kuss, P., Nelsen, S., Novikov, O., Schutte, B.C., Wang, Y., Tautz, D.
Exploring the effects of gene dosage on mandible shape in mice as a model for studying the genetic basis of natural variation.
Develpment Genes and Evolution 223 p. 279, 2013.

Schmid, J.S., Bernreuther, C., Nikonenko, A.G., Ling, Z., Mies, G., Hossmann, K.-A., Jakovcevski, I., Schachner, M.
Heterozygosity for the mutated X-chromosome-linked L1 cell adhesion molecule gene leads to increased numbers of neurons and enhanced metabolism in the forebrain of female carrier mice.
Brain Structure and Function 218 p. 1375-1390, 2013.

Ito, T., Nishimura, T.D., Ebbestad, J.O.R., Takai, M.
Computed tomography examination of the face of Macaca anderssoni (Early Pleistocene, Henan, northern China): Implications for the biogeographic history of Asian macaques.
Journal of Human Evolution 72 p. 64-80, 2014.

Pallares, L.F., Harr, B., Turner, L M. and Tautz, D.
Use of a natural hybrid zone for genomewide association mapping of craniofacial traits in the house mouse.
Molecular Ecology 23 p. 5756–5770, 2014.

Ito, T., Nishimura, T.D., Hamada, Y., and Takai, M.
Contribution of the maxillary sinus to the modularity and variability of nasal cavity shape in Japanese macaques.\\ Primates 56(1) 11-9, 2015.

Pallares, L.F.
Genetic architecture of craniofacial shape in the house mouse: a genetic and morphological perspective.
PhD Thesis, Department Evolutionary Genetics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön, 2015.

Pallares, L.F., Carbonetto, P., Gopalakrishnan, S., Parker, C.C., Ackert-Bicknell, C.L., Palmer, A.A., and Tautz, D.
Mapping of Craniofacial Traits in Outbred Mice Identifies Major Developmental Genes Involved in Shape Determination.
PLoS Genetics 11(11) e1005607, 2015.

Simon, M.N. and Marroig, G.
Landmark precision and reliability and accuracy of linear distances estimated by using 3D computed micro-tomography and the open-source TINA Manual Landmarking Tool software.
Frontiers in Zoology 12:12, 2015.

Pallares, L.F., Turner, L.M., and Tautz, D.
Craniofacial shape transition across the house mouse hybrid zone: implications for the genetic architecture and evolution of between-species differences.
Development Genes and Evolution 226(3) p. 173–186, 2016.

Simon, M.N., Machado, F.A., and Marroig, G.
High evolutionary constraints limited adaptive responses to past climate changes in toad skulls.
Proc. R. Soc. B 283 p. 1783, 2016.

Skrabar, N., Turner, L.M., Pallares, L.F., Harr, B., and Tautz, D.
Using the Mus musculus hybrid zone to assess covariation and genetic architecture of limb bone lengths.
Molecular Ecology Resources
2018, In press.

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