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Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Cancer Biomarker: Consensus and Recommendations.

A.R.Padhani, Neoplasia, 11, 2, 102-125, 2009.

A well written and comprehensive summary of the state of our knowledge and the challenges yet facing the clinical MRI community with respect to making DC MRI quantitatively useful. All of the problems generally only alluded to in other papers are clearly set out, along with recommendations for optimal acquisition analysis and interpretation. If I had to be critical of the paper I would say that it would be tempting to believe that by following the suggested guidelines the resulting quantitative ADC parameters would be trust-able, whereas in fact these suggestions only partly ameliorate key problems (such as shine through, motion artefact, and inappropriate exponential model assumptions). However, the discussion of the role of measurement error is a good start, which is particularly well informed and unlike anything else I have previously seen in this literature.

What is clear from this review is the scale of the problems facing anyone hoping to turn these methods into a usable system.

NAT 1/2/2013

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