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Does OO Sync with How We Think?

L. Hatton, IEEE Software, pp46-54, May/june 1998.

When object oriented programming was first introduced to the computer science community it was welcomed with a wave of enthusiasm. Many claims were made regarding the expected benefits of languages such as C++, including code re-use, ease (and speed) of software development, power of the language, etc. Much of this was accepted and duplicated as arguments in lecture courses across the world.

This papers describes tests which establish the purported benefits with regard to code maintenance using data obtained over several years during development and maintenance of two equivalent pieces of software. The results contradict the accepted wisdom, yet can be explained by some rather obvious arguments.

I'm told by the author that this paper had a rough ride with the (many) reviewers. This paper, and our belief of it's validity, is the reason we have not re-coded our software in C++. It is our belief that this would hinder future code development and maintenance

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