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Sixteen Question about Software Reuse.

W.B.Frakes, Communications of the ACM, 38, 6, pp 75-87, 1995.

This paper points out that many of the purported claims for advantages of new languages (such as code-reuse) are rarely tested. It defines a set of issues which affect code re-use and provides empirical evidence across a range of languages.

As with Les Hatton's paper (also listed on these pages), the claims for software benefits of various languages put forward by proponents are not supported by experiment. And again, the arguments which explain these observations are relatively obvious and make a lot of sense.

If all you have ever seen are the theoretical arguments for use of particular languages (such as C++) this paper is well worth reading. Although C++ (the main target of criticism) is no longer as fashionable as it once was, this paper provides some general insight into the problems to look out for with any new programming languages.

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