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Reviews Of Classic Papers

The Motivation For This Page

This page lists those papers in the areas of machine vision and medical image analysis that, in our opinion, are important in defining the scope of research in these fields. We can't distribute copies of these papers for obvious reasons, but they are easily located on the internet. Instead, each has a brief review that summarises the most important points to be made about the contents: often our own take on the subject rather than those of the paper itself. Some of these papers have been widely overlooked.

Papers listed here may be present for one of three reasons: they define the right way to do something; they discredit other papers on the wrong way to do something; or they motivate a discussion of the limitations of a certain approach. Hopefully, with some community input, this may evolve into a valuable resource for new PhD students and RAs.

Novelty vs. New Science discusses the reasons why many of these papers have been overlooked.


  • Hoult MR - The Quantum Origins of Free Induction decay Signal and Spin Noise, D. I. Hoult and N. S. Ginsberg
  • HattonOO - Does OO Sync with How We Think? L.Hatton.
  • FrakesReuse - Sixteen Question about Software Reuse. W.B.Frakes.


Machine vision:

  • Loruso Transforms - Estimating 3D Rigid Body Transformations : A Comparison of Four Algorithms, A. Lorusso et. al.
  • Trivedi Stereo Motion - Estimation of Stereo and Motion Parameters using a Variational Principle, H. P. Trivedi
  • Gao Morphological - Statistical Characterisation of Morphological Operator Sequences, X. Gao et. al.
  • Foerstner Characterisation - 10 Pros and Cons Against Performance Characterisation of Vision Algorithms, W. Foerstner
  • Haralick Characterisation - Performance Characterization in Computer Vision, R. M. Haralick
  • Poggio Optical Flow - Against Quantitative Optical Flow, A. Verri and T. Poggio
  • Shamir Faces - Evaluation of Face Datasets as Tools for Assessing the Performance of Face Recognition Methods, L. Shamir
  • Chatfield Objects - The Devil is in the Details: An Evaluation of Recent Feature Encoding Methods, K. Chatfield

Medical image analysis:

  • Bookstein VBM - Voxel-Based Morphometry should not be used with Imperfectly Registered Images, F. L. Bookstein
  • Crum Zen - Zen and the Art of Medical Image Registration, Crum et. al.
  • Padhani Diffusion - Diffusion-Weighted magnetic resonance imaging as a cancer bio-marker: Consensus and recommendations. A.R.Padhani
  • Rohlfing CURA - Image Similarity and Tissue Overlaps as Surrogates for Image Registration Accuracy: Widely Used but Unreliable, T. Rohlfing
  • Hugo Radiomics - Decoding Tumour Phenotype by non-invasive Imaging Using a Quantitative Radiomics Approach, H. J. Aerts et. al.
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