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This site is intended as repository for ideas, discussions and even bits of code relating to development of the TINA open source image analysis environment. Although open for all to see this site is primarily entended to support the developer community and will probably be of little us to others. Also be aware that just because an idea is discussed on this site doesn't mean it will appear in any shape or form in a release of TINA. Much of what is said here will be vacuous - you have been warned.

For general information about TINA see the [TINA homepage]

Modifying these pages

Core team members can access the source files for this site using cvs. Basic details are given below on how to use command line cvs to get and update these pages. Start with;
  cvs -d :pserver:X@cvs.tina-vision.net/home/tina/cvs login
which will login to the server. You will need the username (to use instead of the "X") and password which you can get by contacting paul.bromiley@man.ac.uk. You only have to login the first time you use the system, cvs will remember it for you. To checkout a copy of the pages you can use;
   cvs -d :pserver:X@cvs.tina-vision.net/home/tina/cvs co htdocs/tina-dev 
When you have finished your edits you should update your working copy with;
   cvs -d :pserver:X@cvs.tina-vision.net:/home/tina/cvs update
which will reconcile your working copy with the respository. Chances are no-one else will have performed any changes but update just in case. Then you can do;
   cvs -d :pserver:X@cvs.tina-vision.net:/home/tina/cvs ci
to checkin your changes which should appear almost immediately.

Alternatively you might just want to update the wiki pages, see below...


Next release target details

version: 6.0
type: Full release
release date: 12.11.09


The place to get and create useful information on TINA development is the wiki site

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